About this site

I believe everybody can make good food. Food to feed your soul and keep you happy! I say so because food is my solace anytime. And I did not grow up cooking or baking, it was a necessity that needed to be addressed when I started living on my own.

Venturing into the world of making food, I started with cooking curries, these came a lot more easier than baking to me because it was more forgiving!! I didn’t get to baking until a couple of years later.

For my first 3 years of baking I had to get innovative since I did not own an oven. And so all my cakes or anything I baked were in pressure cookers!! The food I make is simple and easy, no fancy stuff here.

The abundance in the different varieties of cuisines is absolutely something that always awed me.
There is so much diversity within a macro region, that no food is the same. Taking the example of India- the food between the North and South varies a ton. And then, the food within the South varies a ton.
But then, just to show how much food can be similar across geographies, just look at the Ebelskiver (from Denmark), Takoyaki (from Japan) and Kuzhi Paniyaram (from India).

The idea behind this blog is to showcase at least a little bit of this amazing spread that I have come across over time and keep it going as time permits.

You can see a listing of categorized recipes here- https://gingersaltnpepper.com/categories/

Be merry and keep the wonder alive!

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In addition to food blogging, I also run a small venture, Terra Butter, specializing in Natural, small batch & handmade soaps, shampoo bars and body scrubs.

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