Semiya payasam

Semiya Payasam or kheer is one of the most underrated desserts. Many prefer other payasams over this with the rationale being it’s not as rich or decadent as others. However, it has always been my favorite and I take my time to cook it slow which gives it it’s richness. Ingredients For frying 1 tbsp … More Semiya payasam

Koottu curry

A protein packed vegetarian dish from Kerala Ingredients For soaking 1/2 cup Brown small garbanzo beans (chana/ kadala) 4 cups Water For grinding 1 tbsp Coconut oil 1/2 tsp Cumin (jeera) seeds 1.5 cup Grated coconut 1/2 cup Water For cooking 1 tbsp Coconut oil 1 tsp Black Mustard seeds 10-15 Curry leaves 3 Dry … More Koottu curry

Aviyal / Avial

Another staple of the Onam sadhya, this mixed vegetables dish is colorful and flavorful. The word Avial or Aviyal has literally come to mean medley due to this dish. Ingredients For sauteing 2 tbsp Coconut oil 1 tbsp Black Mustard seeds 10 Curry leaves 1 tsp Turmeric powder 2 Green chillies (slit lengthwise) Vegetables 2 … More Aviyal / Avial


A South Indian staple that goes with rice, idli, dosa, uthappam etc. It is one of the main gravies that you would have with rice when sitting down to a sadhya (a banana leaf feast). Quite simple to make, it’s a medley of vegetables with lentils packing a ton of flavor and nutrition. Ingredients 3 … More Sambhar


Another vegetarian staple from Kerala which has a place on the Onam sadhya vazhayila (banana leaf), I like mine slightly sweetened with jaggery. Call it a hand-me-down taste that runs in the family. Erissery is made with pumpkin or butternut squash and vanpayaru, which is a type of small red beans. Vanpayaru resembles kidney beans, … More Erissery


Another vegetarian dish from Kerala that features heavily in a sadhya (feast) is Kaalan. A yellow mellow but slightly tangy curry at the same time made with a base of coconut milk and curd. (It is often confused with Moru curry which is a spiced buttermilk based curry) One can always make a thicker version … More Kaalan


Olan is a mild and simple curry made with a base of coconut milk using Ash Gourd (Kumbalanga) or Madras Cucumber (Vellarikka) It is also one of the many dishes that are part of the Onam sadhya or feast (Onam is a festival from the state of Kerala, India. Look it up, it’s quite interesting). … More Olan