Njandu Rasam (Crab rasam)


A spicy crab preparation which works really good with medium or small crabs.


  • Cuisine: south indian
  • Course: main course
  • Cooking Time: 45 mins


2 onion
2 tomato
1 tablespoon coriander powder
pinch turmeric
mustard seed
curry leaf
to taste salt
7 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon black pepper
1 tablespoon black pepper powdered
2.5 tablespoons tamarind water
1/2 kg crab
3 cups water


  1. Dice the onions and cut the tomato into long thin strips (medium size onion and tomato)
  2. crush the garlic and black pepper
  3. Heat the Oil, splutter the mustard and curry leaves. Add a pinch of turmeric
  4. to this add the coriander powder
  5. Add the onions and sautee till pink
  6. Now add the crushed garlic and pepper and salt and tamarind water
  7. Add the tomatoes and sautee till the mix resembles a mush paste
  8. To this add 1 cup of water and wait till it boils.
  9. Add the cleaned crab and pour 2 more cups of water.
  10. Boil till the water is reduced to half and turn off. Leave to absorb for 10 minutes
  11. Serve hot with rice


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