Chukkum Kurumulaku vellam (Black pepper & dried ginger tonic)

Black pepper and Dried ginger have known to help in reducing cold and cough and help in sinus infections.

Throughout India, there are variations of tonics made with these ingredients sometimes further supplemented with Tulsi (holy basil), Karpooravalli/panikurukka (Indian borage), Turmeric etc.

This very basic recipe acquired from my mother has been my go to in such cases.


650 ml Water

3 tsp Black peppercorns

1 by 1/2 inch piece of Dry Ginger


1. Crush the black pepper and dry ginger to a coarse form

2. Add the water and coarse mix to a pan and boil for 5-7 minutes

3. Turn off heat and steep for another 5 minutes

4. Strain into a flask and consume hot or warm

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