Chukkum Kurumulaku vellam (Black pepper & dried ginger tonic)

Black pepper and Dried ginger have known to help in reducing cold and cough and help in sinus infections. Throughout India, there are variations of tonics made with these ingredients sometimes further supplemented with Tulsi (holy basil), Karpooravalli/panikurukka (Indian borage), Turmeric etc. This very basic recipe acquired from my mother has been my go to … More Chukkum Kurumulaku vellam (Black pepper & dried ginger tonic)

Hot chocolate

For anyone who likes chocolate, this is the perfect drink for uplifting your spirits on a gloomy day! Rich, thick indulgent hot chocolate- none of the thin watery stuff that happens when you use a hot chocolate mix.. You could use milk, coconut milk or almond milk and they all just taste great! Let’s get … More Hot chocolate

Rice wine

Home-made wine was always the go to wine for me, all the costly bottles never compared. And the favs were always grape, rice, rose-apple and banana wines. Once I joined CT, I saw a recipe for grape wine and tried it out, and it sure was a hit. Emboldened, by that, here is, presenting to you, the hu … More Rice wine