Paneer Cashew curry

paneer cashew



2 tbsp Vegetable Oil

5 Dry Red chillies

1 tsp Turmeric powder

1 tbsp Coriander powder

1 tsp Cumin (Jeera) powder

3 tsp Red Chilli powder

1/2 cup Cashew nuts

2.5 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste

2 tbsp Coriander leaves and stems (chopped)

1 cup Onion (chopped)

1/2 cup Indian Yoghurt (Dahi)

1 cup Water

200 gm Paneer (Cubes)

2 tbsp Coriander leaves chopped

Salt to taste



  1. Heat the oil in a pan and add the dry chillies and roast
  2. Add all the spice powders and fry
  3. Add the cashews into this and lightly fry
  4. Mix in the ginger garlic paste and chopped coriander leaves and stems and cook for 2 minutes
  5. Add the chopped onions and cooked until soft
  6. Turn off the heat and let it cool
  7. Add the mix to a mixer/grinder along with yoghurt and grind to a smooth paste
  8. Return the thick gravy paste to heat, add in the paneer and water
  9. Let boil for 2-3 minutes
  10. Add salt to taste
  11. Turn off the heat and mix in the chopped coriander leaves
  12. Let sit for 5 minutes before serving

Serve with rice, chappatis or other Indian breads


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