Christmas cake recipes

Christmas cakes are always fruit cakes for me, something about these that I can never get anough of.

Here are few of my recipes till now:

Rum based cakes

Rum & fruit cake I – this involves soaking the dry fruits & nuts in rum for a month.Personally mine gets the treatment for 2 months!

Rum & fruit cake II – Say you forgot to soak the dry fruits & nuts or can’t resist it when it sits on the counter for that long. Then use this recipe, It calls for boiling the mixed fruits in the rum instead of soaking them

Pressure cooker Rum & fruit cake– No oven? No problem. Follow this recipe to make your cake in a pressure cooker

Non-Alcoholic cakes

Christmas fruit cake – This calls for boiling the fruits in orange juice to get the max punch. This has been my favorite in the non-alcoholic ones till date

The plain old no fuss Christmas fruit cake– Its just that, simple & easy

Cranberry cake– I know, its’s not technically the fruit cake we all are used to, but it fits the bill & gives the feel, Try it 🙂

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