Rice wine

Home-made wine was always the go to wine for me, all the costly bottles never compared. And the favs were always grape, rice, rose-apple and banana wines.

Emboldened, by that, I decided to try Shireen Sequeira’s Rice wine recipe which turned out to be a hit with everyone who had it.

Link to the recipe on Shireen’s blog: https://www.ruchikrandhap.com/rice-wine/
No waiting for fruit seasons for making this one. And with the hint of raisins and served in a cup of nostalgia who wouldn’t say that “In wine, there’s truth.” (Pliny the Elder, Natural History)
Speaking of the cup of nostalgia, indeed it is one. Got this from a visit to Kuala Lumpur from the foodie haven Petaling Street, it brings back even a lot more delicious memories of the place, of satays and chicken claypot rice enjoyed. Who wouldn’t agree that all that would just be the perfect spouse for this rice wine! Destiny!!

Recipe courtsey: Shireen Sequeira @ https://www.ruchikrandhap.com/rice-wine/

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