Homemade Ice cream

A three ingredient basic ice cream recipe without the use of an ice cream maker. Which also means that you don’t have to do the additional step of making a custard for the ice cream maker first. Heavy whipping cream, condensed milk and whatever flavoring you want to use- that’s all there is to this … More Homemade Ice cream

Hot chocolate

For anyone who likes chocolate, this is the perfect drink for uplifting your spirits on a gloomy day! Rich, thick indulgent hot chocolate- none of the thin watery stuff that happens when you use a hot chocolate mix.. You could use milk, coconut milk or almond milk and they all just taste great! Let’s get … More Hot chocolate

Caramel Pudding

The simplest yet most satisfying dessert of all times, and all with just 4 ingredients! Amma (my mother) makes the best of caramel pudding ever. Nothing quite reaches that level. And I am yet to savor a dessert that makes me want to ditch this eternal favorite of mine. Caramel pudding varies from th … More Caramel Pudding